Helpful information for Students

The default password for all new student email addresses will be Btc followed by their student ID#. For example, Btc123456789. It is case-sensitive, so make sure to capitalize the B.

To find out what is your email address visit:

For many other email questions, please visit our Information Technology page at:

Changing your Password

There are 2 ways you can change your password yourself.

From On Campus: From a campus computer, press the Control, Alt & Delete keys simultaneously, then click on reset password. This can be done on our Wi-Fi network, as well, if you have a Bates-issued laptop.

From Off Campus via Okta: All users can reset their password, if they know their current password, by going through Okta at . Click on your name and select Settings. Click on the Edit Profile button then click on Change Password.


Go to . Login with your email credentials to access numerous Bates websites that require you to login, including Office365 to access your email and Bates vLabs. You will enter your credentials to those other sites once and Okta will securely and safely store those, so you will not have to be entering credentials every single time. You can change your password through Okta at any time and that will also change your email and college computer network credential as well.


Make sure you are using your Bates SID# for BOTH the username and password. If you are still unable to login, please contact the Online Learning Center at (253) 680-7233 for resetting login credentials.

Campus Wi-Fi

You can drive to any of our three campuses and access the Wi-Fi network from a parking lot near the building(s). Use your Bates email and password to log into the Bates Wi-Fi network. If you are using your own personal device (cell phone, tablet, laptop, etc) you will need to log into Bates-Public. If you are using a Bates issued device (laptop), you will log into Bates-Student.

Remember if you have not yet changed your Bates Email password, the default password is Btc followed by your SID# – Example: Btc123456789 It is case-sensitive, so make sure to capitalize the B.

PIN and Student ID Number:

If you changed your PIN and cannot remember it, contact the Registration Office to reset it: or (253) 680-7019

SID: To retrieve your SID, go to the Bates website > My Bates > Quick Links and find Student Identification Number.

PIN: Your PIN is your Date of Birth in a very specific format. It is either 5 or 6 digits, depending on the month with no slashes or dashes. If you changed your PIN and cannot recall what it is, contact the Registration Office to reset it at: or (253) 680-7019

Clearing your Browser Cache: If at any time you are instructed to “Clear your cache” in order to help with logon issues, this website give a great explanation of what that means and how to do it on each web browser:

Bates Bookstore: To contact the Bates Bookstore for any issues regarding ordering books or supplies, you can reach them at: or (253) 680-7430

Campus Offices – Hours and Contact Information

Prospective and current students may visit our offices on-site at the Downtown Campus, Monday – Thursday, 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Downtown Campus

Registration: Monday – Thursday Financial Aid: Monday – Thursday

Workforce Education Services: Monday – Thursday Student Admissions: Monday – Thursday

Central Campus

Financial Aid: Wednesday

South Campus

Financial Aid: Tuesday and Thursday Registration: Monday – Thursday

Or contact us using the emails and phone numbers below.


Email: Phone: 253.680.7002

Financial Aid

Email: Phone: 253.680.7020


Email: Phone: 253.680.7019

Workforce Education Services (WES) Email: Phone: 253.680.7290