Students can access their email two ways:

1. Visit

2. Click the Email link in our navigation bar

All enrolled students, regardless of program, are assigned a Bates email account which is provided as a service of the college and will be the official communication address.

Access to college email accounts allows students to work collaboratively and communicate with other students, receive class assignments and other information from instructors electronically, and directly receive information regarding financial aid, scholarships and other relevant areas from college departments and through the weekly Associated Student Government/Diversity Center Student eNewsletter. Also, those who enroll in Bates online courses will need to check their Bates email after registering to obtain instructions for their online course.

Things to know

  • Students should adhere to the procedures set forth.
  • New Bates email accounts will be active 24 hours after you enroll at Bates.
  • To find out what is your student email address, check here.
  • When logging onto the email server, your username is just the portion of the address before the @ symbol. (For example, if your email address is, your username will be jane.doe.)
  • Your Bates username is usually first initial + last name
  • New Students (Summer 2202 or later): Password is “Btc” + ctcLink ID number
  • Continuing Students (Spring 2022 or earlier): Password is “Btc” + Bates ID number
  • For assistance in identifying your email and ctcLink ID, use the Student Network Credential tool.
  • We encourage students to use Okta as their one-stop login for all things Bates. You can use Okta to securely store all of your passwords even your personal ones.
  • Students who need to IT assistance, should call the IT Student Help Desk at 253.680.7055 or email us at .
  • Email accounts for students who are graduating or who are not returning will be deleted after 1 year.