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Transcript (Official and Unofficial)

Bates Technical College operates on a quarter system.

Bates Technical College is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

Course Numbering System
000-099 Pre-college level.
101-199 College-level, normally encountered first year.
200-299 College-level, normally encountered second year.

Release of Information
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (The Buckley Amendment) prohibits the release of this record or disclosures of its contents to any third party without written consent of the student.

Transcript Notations
AAS-T – Associate of Applied Science – Transferable
ATD – Associate of Applied Science Degree
Cert of Comp – Certificate of Competency
Cert of Train – Certificate of Training
Credit by Exam – Students who successfully challenge specific coursework may receive credit.
Transfer Credit – In order to receive credit, an official transcript must be requested by the student directly from the institution attended.  A description of the transferable courses will be reflected on the Bates transcript.  Specific grades for courses transferred from another institution are not recorded.
Official Transcript – An official transcript bears the impression of the Bates Technical College seal, the date, Registrar’s signature, and is mailed in a sealed envelope stamped “Official Transcript Bates Technical College.  Transcripts that do not meet these requirements are not considered official.

Grading System
In May 2010, Bates Technical College changed from a competency based curriculum to a credit based curriculum.  Grades are awarded with a numerical system ranging from 0.0 to 4.0.
The following scale shows the letter equivalency:

Numerical GradesLetter
0.0 / NCF
SSatisfactory completion of a pass/fail Course (not factored in GPA)
UUnsatisfactory completion of a pass/fail course(not factored in GPA)
WWithdrawal – not counted in GPA

September 1993 to May 2010 – Bates Technical College used a competency-based curriculum.  Students earned professional-technical ratings according to their mastery of skills and tasks at predetermined industry performance standards. These ratings show on the transcript under the “Grade” column, according to the following rating scale:

Continuing education courses are rated “S”, Satisfactory or “NC”, No Credit.  “S” is not included in grade point average (GPA) calculation.
Professional-Technical Ratings:
Rating of 4: Performs above industry entry-level requirements / standards.  Highly competent.
Rating of 3: Performs at industry entry-level requirements / standards.  Competent.
Rating of 2: Progressing toward industry entry-level requirements / standards.  Needs additional training and supervision.
Rating of 1: Exposed to training, but not progressing.
Rating of 0: No instruction offered or not evaluated.
(Ratings are with the equivalent Grade Point Value)
“W” means withdrawn from program.
“I” followed by any rating indicates In-progress- no credit awarded.
“P” followed by a rating of 3 or 4 indicates credit awarded from prior learning or experience.
“IC” means incomplete and is only used for academic classes
“S” means satisfactory
“U” means unsatisfactory

Academic courses used the traditional letter grade system:

Letter gradeGradePoint Value (GPTC)

Calculating the Grade Point Average
Competencies and grades completed prior to May 2010 are transcripted based on the following information:
The grade point value of the academic course letter grade and the rating of the professional-technical course is multiplied by the clock hours in each course (not shown on transcript) to determine the grade points.
For example:

Grade/RatingValue   xClock Hours   =Grade Points
Human RelationsB-2.755148.5
Safety Standards44.066264
Wildland Firefighter33.041123

In the example above, total Grade Points of 535.5 divided by the total of 162 Clock Hours equals the Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.3. On the transcript, total grade points (GPTS) are divided by the total clock hours (GPA HR) to arrive at the grade point average (GPA).

Credit hours (noted on the Transcript under the heading of “CREDIT HRS”) equates to 1:16.5 clock hours as determined by the Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges.  These hours are totaled and combined in one number under the heading GPA HR.

These are not combined with the cumulative GPA of grades earned starting May 2010.