I-BEST (Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training)

Get academic support while you work towards your degree!  

Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training (I-BEST) programs support students by providing an in-program support teacher that helps you develop your studying and academic skills. 

The I-BEST model uses a team-teaching approach to combine college-readiness classes with our hands-on, competency-based classes. I-BEST has two instructors in the same classroom to teach technical and related academic skills. 

What I-BEST programs are available?

Bates currently offers I-BEST in the following programs:

How to get started

To enroll at Bates Technical College in one of our I-BEST or other program, contact us at 253.680.7002.

I-BEST Faculty


Electrical Construction 

Nicole Hancock | I-BEST Instructor | nhancock@batestech.edu | 253.680.7439

Technical Instructors:  Dave Leenhouts, Jim Androy, Michael Hardy

Fire Service  

Michelle Earthwright | I-BEST Instructor | michelle.earthwright@batestech.edu | 253.680.7450

Technical Instructor:  Adam Cabeza, Brian Wivel, Jeffrey Coffey, Mark Snyder

Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technology  

Angela Driver | I-BEST Instructor | adriver@batestech.edu | 253.680.7461 

Technical Instructors:  Lee Jefferson, Mike Sartore, Corey Vasquez, Rodolfo Hernandez

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

Hongying Douglas | I-BEST Instructor | hongying.douglas@batestech.edu | 253.680.7427 

Technical Instructors:  Anthony Hickonbottom, Rob Renfro, Terry Forrey

Practical Nurse  

Amanda Quintana | I-BEST Instructor | aquintana@batestech.edu | 253.680.7395 

Technical Instructors: Eileen Beck, Lara Cooper, Rebekah Heath, Rachel Nguyen, Cheyenne Heaton, Maria Mendez, Margaret Stengel