• Active Shooter Drill, Date TBD

Please note that participation in this drill is mandatory.

While it can be frightening to think that our college campuses could become a place where someone opens fire, it is important to place the threat in context. Colleges are safe environments, and implementing safety/security procedures is a major focus of Bates Technical College.

For the first time, the college will conduct a mandatory active shooter drill. The drill will help us prepare for an active shooter incident. Employees will be asked to test the locks in classrooms and offices, and facilities and Campus Public Safety staff will be tasked with securing the college’s exterior access points.

An active shooter threat situation could be over in less than one minute, which is not sufficient time for mass messaging or even a response from the police department. That’s why the first line of defense will be individual faculty, staff and students.

As part of the drill, we will broadcast the video below, that will address the situation. It’s important for all employees to consider what they would do in their settings. How is your classroom or work area configured? What options do you have for escape or hiding?

Additionally, the campus community needs to talk about the threat of a shooter situation routinely, which is especially relevant regarding faculty interaction with students. Lastly, if you see or hear something suspicious or out of the ordinary, please report it to Campus Public Safety.

Important links and documents

Drill overview

Shelter in place: The drill will commence with a broadcast notification (Alterus Beacon, and Rave emergency alert system).

  • Phase I of the drill is to shelter in place – a technique used when it is not safe to exit a building. An active shooter scenario is likely to result in a “shelter in place.”
  • All phones, radios, etc. should be silenced. During the drill, we ask that you spend at least 5 minutes simulating this quiet, still environment. It is important for people to understand what such a situation feels like.
  • All faculty should secure their individual classroom doors, with everyone inside on the floor, still and quiet.

Talking Points: A real shelter-in-place scenario would take much longer to conduct; however, to reduce anxiety, we ask that you spend the remainder of the drill discussing the talking points below with your students (and/or staff).

Talking points

  • Be aware of your surroundings and report suspicious activity to Campus Safety at (253) 680-7111. Program the Campus Safety number into your cell phone for quick access.
  • All 911 calls made on campus will be answered by Tacoma Police Department – including those from cell phones.
  • Students and employees are encouraged to sign up for emergency text messages by visiting the Rave Emergency Alert System. The college offers this service in an attempt to quickly communicate critical information to a broad number of people.
  • Important information may also be shared via Alertus Beacons located on all three college campus ¬†locations, on the website, by email, or through college social media outlets.
  • In the event of an emergency, be prepared to listen for instructions from Emergency Response Team members and Campus Public Safety.
  • Context is important: While safety can’t be guaranteed, college campuses are known to be comparatively very safe places.